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Shenzhen Chengxin Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd
Shenzhen Chengxin Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd
Shenzhen City, integrity, electrical machinery Co., Ltd., established in 2000 special economic zones - Shenzhen, Hong Kong, the company is a collection, design, manufacturing, sales as one of the high-tech enterprises, the company for a long time to provide customers with high-quality products and services.
The company's main products are dance motor, brush motor, DC motor, servo motor, inter drive, tire, CCTV camera, high speed network, household air conditioner, intelligent toilet, computer line, wire machine, coil machine, medical equipment, textile machine, machine tool, etcIn the field of automation, the products have good quality and stable performance, and most of them are exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia.
With the company's old set of implementation of the basic principle of "integrity-based, quality first", it is loved by customers, and has obtained first-class products, efficient service, excellent reputation and good market reputation.
The company is the executive director of Shenzhen e-commerce conference!
  • 20BYJ46
  • 24BYJ48
  • 28BYJ48
  • 30BYJ46
  • 35BYJ46
  • 35BYJ412
  • 50BYJ46
  • PM42L-048
  • 20bygh dancing motor
  • 28bygh dancing motor
  • 36bygh dancing motor
  • 42bygh dancing motor
  • 86byg dancing motor
  • 110 bygh dancing motor
  • 110BYG

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Shenzhen Chengxin Electrical Machinery Co., Ltd
Tel: 86-775-28880350 / 28433450
Fax: 86-775-2853607
Mobile phone: 13928428349 / 1362231774
Jia Baoyu
Mobile phone: 13684947190
Contact information: Female
Company: 33620, fasonagang, buginah, Longgang, Shenzhen; 12 buildings, building 2, shangongguan building
Factory: No.43, daogukeng Industrial Park, bujinafaso City, Longgang District, Shenzhen
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